Gratitude for the oceans

Day 84 of #LiveWell2017 Since I was little, the ocean has been the source of both terror and inspiration for me. Once, while trying to figure how to stay upright on a play surfboard during a family vacation, I nearly drowned in the pounding waves of the Atlantic. Later, as a young professional developing educational materials for environmental … Continue reading Gratitude for the oceans

Are you thankful for the beauty of nature?

Day 83 of #LiveWell2017 Yesterday, we hiked the Little North Santiam River Trail. Our time on the trail, among waterfalls and mossy forests, reminded me just how much my health and well-being is connected to the time I spend in nature. It is where I go to find peace, to heal, to contemplate, to marvel, … Continue reading Are you thankful for the beauty of nature?

Thank your local farmer

Day 80 of #LiveWell2017 Today is National Agriculture Day, so I figured it was a good day to be thankful to all the hard-working farmers who provide food for us every single day. This is an easy thank for me. I love to eat. I love good food. I love fresh food. I appreciate the … Continue reading Thank your local farmer

Hooray for spring!

Day 79 of #LiveWell2017 Hooray for Spring! It was a wonderful feeling to wake up today and read "First Day of Spring" on my calendar. Today marks a turning point in the seasons when I know I can count on longer days - more daylight hours than darkness - and will begin to see more … Continue reading Hooray for spring!

What does art do for you?

Day 78 of #LiveWell2017 Art, like music, is another way to express ourselves. I've always enjoyed art. My grandmother was a crafty person. These days she'd be called "a maker" or "a creative." Mostly, she just loved to use the humble materials that she had to create interesting things. I remember many afternoons in her … Continue reading What does art do for you?

Music connects us to moments of madness and magic #gratitude

Day 77 of #LiveWell2017 I've always loved music. From the piano lessons I took as a child, to the concerts I still attend as an adult, music is the soundtrack to my life. It makes me feel deeper and expresses my emotions in ways nothing else can. Like most people, I've marked special moments in … Continue reading Music connects us to moments of madness and magic #gratitude