Orchard orb-weaver a thing of beauty

In my last post I mentioned the orchard orb-weaver spider that had taken up residence on our back porch tomato cage, hanging upside down in the center of her horizontal web. See... The orchard orbweaver's scientific name is, appropriately, Leucauge venusta. The Latin venusta means charm or beauty, and this is a fascinatingly beautiful spider. Her abdomen … Continue reading Orchard orb-weaver a thing of beauty

If you plant it, they will come…

Who knew a third floor balcony porch could be a wildlife refuge? This spring, after the frosts stopped chilling the mornings, we decided to put some greenery on our little third floor balcony porch. It started with two trays of herbs (for culinary and medicinal uses),one tomato plant, and a Columbine to help attract hummingbirds … Continue reading If you plant it, they will come…

A Mother’s Wisdom

Happy Mother's Day I've been watching a lot of mothers lately. It's springtime and the songbirds and squirrels are busy building nests and preparing to raise their young ones. Moms are persistent taskmasters in their pursuit of motherhood. Recently, I watched in fascination as one momma titmouse repeatedly plucked fur from a sleeping raccoon's backside … Continue reading A Mother’s Wisdom

Thank you, Mother Earth

Thank you for the soil that holds and nurtures the trees, shrubs, herbs, and vines; that gets under my fingernails and coats the soles of my feet; that hosts worms and seeds and mycelium, connecting life to life - black humus, red clay, white sands. Thank you for the air that fills my lungs with oxygen, … Continue reading Thank you, Mother Earth

It is time

I sat on my porch, purposefully, this morning, sipping my cup of tea and watching the sun rise. The sounds of birds full of spring hormones filled the air with music. The sky beamed a pale blue and pink behind a curtain of fresh, infant, yellow-green leaves decorating the towering oaks and elms and sycamores. Just … Continue reading It is time

The wrens are still singing

Life. Death. Beginnings. Endings. They are the same and they are not. As I listen to the Carolina wrens singing loudly and proudly, wooing and wowing their prospective mates, preparing to breed and nest and raise a new generation of young ones, I smile. Life goes on. At the same time, I am saddened by … Continue reading The wrens are still singing

Returning to where we fell in love

Yesterday, our good friend, Clyde, and my college professor, Phil Doerr, took Keith and I back to Lake Mattamuskeet and Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuges to see the duck, goose, and swan show that is a winter staple in the low country of eastern North Carolina. Thirty-eight years ago this month on a field trip … Continue reading Returning to where we fell in love