Returning to where we fell in love

Yesterday, our good friend, Clyde, and my college professor, Phil Doerr, took Keith and I back to Lake Mattamuskeet and Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuges to see the duck, goose, and swan show that is a winter staple in the low country of eastern North Carolina. Thirty-eight years ago this month on a field trip … Continue reading Returning to where we fell in love

Damn! Caught, again!

Today, financial blogger J. Money sent me a link to David Cain's blog post, Go Deeper, Not Wider. It made me very uncomfortable, and I needed to share it with you. Cain's post made me feel like I got caught with my hand in the damn cookie jar! Seriously, I felt so guilty. He describes what … Continue reading Damn! Caught, again!

2018: now what?

Day 365 of #LiveWell2017 Happy New Year's Eve to you...we say goodbye to 2017 and hello to a new year tonight. So, now what?  Well, I'm putting the #LiveWell2017 project to rest. It was a grand experiment and served its purpose of keeping me focused on positive things and self-improvement throughout the year. My goal … Continue reading 2018: now what?

Reflections on a year of living well

Day 364 of #LiveWell2017 So, here we are. December 30, 2017. Three hundred and sixty-four days ago I launched my #LiveWell2017 project. I did it primarily for selfish reasons - I needed a coping strategy for staying positive. I was feeling pretty hopeless about the state of the world at the beginning of this year, … Continue reading Reflections on a year of living well

December #LiveWell2017 recap: 27 ways to give (all year long)

Day 363 of #LiveWell2017 Well, this wraps up the December giving theme. Here are the graphics from all the ways to give that we shared this month. I hope you enjoyed each post. Hopefully, you learned some new or unique ways to give and will use those ideas throughout 2018. Thanks, as always, for reading … Continue reading December #LiveWell2017 recap: 27 ways to give (all year long)

Give love

Day 361 of #LiveWell2017 I know that the best gift we can give to anyone - friend, enemy, family, stranger - is the gift of love. Love is kindness. Love is mindfulness. Love is compassion. Love is joy. Love is calmness. Love is freedom. Love is already in each of us, you and me. As … Continue reading Give love