Appreciating rivers

Day 172 of #LiveWell2017 I feel very lucky to live where so many beautiful rivers run. One, in fact, flows through the middle of my city. Another, one which carried Lewis and Clark to the Pacific, borders the city's northern edge. Within an hours' drive from my home, I can walk along some of the … Continue reading Appreciating rivers

Happy Summer Solstice

Day 171 of #LiveWell2017 Happy summer solstice for us Northern Hemispherians! I am so grateful for this day and all 15.5 hours of daylight hours it brings here on the 45th parallel. The longest day of our year - hoorah! That means there are more daylight hours in which to ride bikes, hike trails, help … Continue reading Happy Summer Solstice

The warmth of friendship

Day 170 of #LiveWell2017 You might remember my post last month about Marvin. Well, today I reconnected with Marvin and in our brief exchange he warmed my heart once more with a story and his genuineness. He also made me laugh again. When I think of the very special friends I've made through the years … Continue reading The warmth of friendship

Happy Father’s Day

Day 169 of #LiveWell2017 To all the dads who love unconditionally, who give their hearts, who offer their wisdom, who protect and provide, who give their children space and time to be themselves, and hope they grow up happy and healthy. To all the dads who struggle, who sacrifice and fear for their children's future, … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day

Thank you to the passionate people

Day 168 of #LiveWell2017 Today I participated in a guided bike ride called Sharrows to Sparrows. It was a guided tour of local Neighborhood Greenways and natural areas in the city. Along the way our two leaders - Greg and Mike - shared their obvious passion for connecting people to place, for creating safe places … Continue reading Thank you to the passionate people

Become part of the silence

Day 167 of #LiveWell2017 Continuing with the gratitude theme this month, I want to be sure to share my gratitude for silence (and birds). This week we traveled to some remote wilderness areas. There, hiking among the high desert mountains, I was grateful for the complete absence of human sounds. In that silence, sitting in … Continue reading Become part of the silence

Thank goodness for roads

Day 166 of #LiveWell2017 Apologies for not posting for the past few days, but we were on the road, for which I am very grateful. For most people who know me, roads will seem like an odd thing for me to be thankful for. I have often felt that roads lead to environmental destruction. Roads … Continue reading Thank goodness for roads