Give blood

Day 344 of #LiveWell2017 It may not be a traditional holiday gift, but giving blood sure makes a difference. If you are healthy, not afraid of needles, and don't mind giving an hour of your time and getting cookies and juice, then giving blood might be a good way for you to show others you … Continue reading Give blood

Give a day

Day 343 of #LiveWell2017 If you are a traveler, here's a neat way to give some of your time and energy to a cause while on vacation (or even while on a work trip). GiveaDayGlobal can hook you up with a local nonprofit group in 15 different countries (so far). You can spend four hours … Continue reading Give a day

Give a hug

Day 342 of #LiveWell2017 I hesitated to post this idea, given the torrent of negative news about inappropriate touching, sexual harassment, and sexual assault lately. So, I offer this gift idea as an option for people who are comfortable giving and getting hugs. Appropriate, consensual, caring hugs can be very healing and comforting. I know. … Continue reading Give a hug

Give a smile

Day 341 of #LiveWell2017 It's one of the easiest, simplest, cheapest gifts you can give to anyone, and yet it is priceless. A simple smile can change someone's day. It makes you feel better, happier, and it shows the world the love you carry inside of you all the time. Today, give a smile - … Continue reading Give a smile

Give music

Day 339 of #LiveWell2017 Yesterday we gave a chance at life by donating vaccines to kids. Today, we switch gears to give a the gift of music education to enrich the lives of young people. Unfortunately, education is not as equitable as we may think, and where a child lives should not determine what a … Continue reading Give music

Give a shot

Day 338 of #LiveWell2017 Here's another unconventional way to give during December. One of out every five children worldwide lack access to life-saving vaccines. Every 20 seconds a child dies from a disease which could have been prevented with a proper vaccine. If you still need to get a flu shot or a pneumonia shot … Continue reading Give a shot