What is self-compassion?

Day 214 of #LiveWell2017 Recently, I had a conversation with someone about self-compassion, and then I came across this article on the Stanford Medical blog that discusses self-compassion as strategy to reduce burnout when being a caregiver for others. A very good friend of mine is a champion for self-care. She taught me not only … Continue reading What is self-compassion?

Koichi Tohei’s 5 principles for health

Day 203 of #LiveWell2017 I am a student of aikido, and though I don't practice on the mat in the dojo anymore, I still carry with me the principles of aikido and practice aiki exercises almost daily. Recently I reviewed some of Koichi Tohei's Ki principles and decided to share one set of them here. … Continue reading Koichi Tohei’s 5 principles for health

Grateful for the freedom of expression

Day 175 of #LiveWell2017 Today in Portland, no less than five naked bike rides are scheduled, including the World Naked Bike Ride that rolls at 9:00 PM tonight. These organized bike rides are symbols of the ultimate freedom we have in this country - to be able to express our ourselves freely and openly in … Continue reading Grateful for the freedom of expression

Thank the forests

Day 158 of #LiveWell2017 Today's object of gratitude is an easy one. Yesterday we hiked up the challenging 2800-ft. ascent of Dog Mountain. Though we started early in the day when it was cooler, by the time we returned to our car mid-afternoon it was 86 degrees. The hike was made bearable by the shade … Continue reading Thank the forests

Say yes to what nurtures you

Day 122 of #LiveWell2017 We all have people, places, and things that nurture our bodies, hearts, and spirits. My nurturing comes from my mountain, time on the Pacific coast, and quiet moments with the love of my life. Find what nurtures you and say yes to it. Forget everything else. What nurtures you?

Eat plants and move a lot to #LiveWell

Day 111 of #LiveWell2017 I was sitting at my parents' kitchen table recently when my big brother asked, "How is it that you stay so thin"? We figured I got my dad's skinny genes - after all, dad is 87 and still tall and lanky. I'm not as thin as I used to be. Age has … Continue reading Eat plants and move a lot to #LiveWell

It’s World Health Day: Reach out to someone fighting depression

Day 97 of #LiveWell2017 Depression is an epidemic around the world today. More than 300 million people are suffering from this debilitating disease - the leading cause of illness and disability on earth. Depression is no fun. I've suffered it myself and so have others in my family. It takes a toll on everyone. While the … Continue reading It’s World Health Day: Reach out to someone fighting depression