Be the water…not the rock

Day 279 of #LiveWell2017 Long ago, I learned the phrase "be the water, not the rock." The lesson, of course, is for us humans to be like the water flowing down a stream, over and around the rocks, going with the flow, being fluid and flexible and adapting to what's happening, rather than being like … Continue reading Be the water…not the rock

What will you leave behind?

Day 277 of #LiveWell2017 Tom Petty died Monday night. By Tuesday afternoon, my social media feeds were filled with tributes, memories, and snippets of his songs, videos, and stories. Every time a celebrity artist dies (and there have been too many these past few years), people always turn to their "body of work" to share … Continue reading What will you leave behind?

Just STOP it already!

Day 276 of #LiveWell2017 Yesterday was another horrifying news day as the details of the Las Vegas massacre unfolded, along with conflicting reports about Tom Petty's fatal heart attack. In the end, it was all bad news - more violence, more premature deaths, more insanity within our nation's borders. Every time another mass shooting occurs, … Continue reading Just STOP it already!

Follow the trail…

Day 275 of #LiveWell2017 Sometimes we feel lost. The key to happiness is to find ourselves - our authentic selves, our true consciousness. Then we can truly love, show compassion, and make the world a happier, more peaceful place. One of the best ways to find our true selves is to spend time in nature, … Continue reading Follow the trail…

Mindfulness on the bike

Day 271 of #LiveWell2017 Photo by William Hook on Unsplash This morning, my Facebook feed told me that on this day in 2009, I posted an article right here on this blog entitled "Appreciating the Present." I re-read that article and was astounded at how much it sounded like something I might write today. You can read it … Continue reading Mindfulness on the bike

Lead the way

Day 270 of #LiveWell2017 Since we arrived here in the south a month ago, signs of autumn have been creeping into view - more leaves on the ground, spiders in abundance, juvenile squirrels building leaf nests, tailgate food for sale at the grocery stores! I've been watching the trees out my new back porch. A … Continue reading Lead the way