Thank goodness for roads

Day 166 of #LiveWell2017 Apologies for not posting for the past few days, but we were on the road, for which I am very grateful. For most people who know me, roads will seem like an odd thing for me to be thankful for. I have often felt that roads lead to environmental destruction. Roads … Continue reading Thank goodness for roads

Be grateful for little surprises

Day 160 of #LiveWell2017 I've said it before, and I'll say it again: sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference! Yesterday, I was helping lead a volunteer work party to remove invasive plants from a local park. The volunteers had gathered around our pile of shovels and buckets and were listening to … Continue reading Be grateful for little surprises

Thank you…with a purpose

Day 127 of #LiveWell2017 This sign is posted at the check-out counter at the Next Adventure outdoor store in Portland, OR. I love it. I saw it and knew I had to post it here. This is such a simple gesture on the part of this business, but an important one. Sometimes we forget to say … Continue reading Thank you…with a purpose

March #Gratitude Month Recap

Day 90 of #LiveWell2017 Here are all the graphics/posts posted during this month of gratitude (click on each picture to get to the post). It's getting easier to be grateful. Like any muscle that gets exercised, practicing gratitude makes you more grateful for what you have and what you experience. It also helps you see that … Continue reading March #Gratitude Month Recap

Thank the special people in your life

Day 89 of #LiveWell2017 I can't end this month of gratitude without mentioning how grateful I am for these two special people in my life. Keith and Kennedy are the kind of people other people wish they could be. Quiet, kind, thoughtful, loving, smart, witty, giving, compassionate. They don't need external acknowledgement or validation to … Continue reading Thank the special people in your life

Appreciate the unseen effort #gratitude

Day 85 of #LiveWell2017 That crayon-drawn stick-figure of you and your child holding hands. Your favorite meal waiting on the stove after a long day's work. A surprise birthday vacation to the beach for the weekend. A foot-rub while watching TV. A stranger taking care of your lost cat, until you were reunited. Your friend … Continue reading Appreciate the unseen effort #gratitude

What does art do for you?

Day 78 of #LiveWell2017 Art, like music, is another way to express ourselves. I've always enjoyed art. My grandmother was a crafty person. These days she'd be called "a maker" or "a creative." Mostly, she just loved to use the humble materials that she had to create interesting things. I remember many afternoons in her … Continue reading What does art do for you?