Grateful for the freedom of expression

Day 175 of #LiveWell2017 Today in Portland, no less than five naked bike rides are scheduled, including the World Naked Bike Ride that rolls at 9:00 PM tonight. These organized bike rides are symbols of the ultimate freedom we have in this country - to be able to express our ourselves freely and openly in … Continue reading Grateful for the freedom of expression

Thank you to the passionate people

Day 168 of #LiveWell2017 Today I participated in a guided bike ride called Sharrows to Sparrows. It was a guided tour of local Neighborhood Greenways and natural areas in the city. Along the way our two leaders - Greg and Mike - shared their obvious passion for connecting people to place, for creating safe places … Continue reading Thank you to the passionate people

Let’s kick off another month of gratitude!

Day 152 of #LiveWell2017 I know I've said thanks to bicycles before, but today is the Kickoff Ride for Pedalpalooza, Portland's annual month-long celebration of bicycles and biking! After a long, cold winter, Pedalpalooza gives every bicyclist in the metro area a chance to come together as a biking community and kick off summer fun. We … Continue reading Let’s kick off another month of gratitude!

Grateful for bicycles and bike-it lists!

Day 70 of #LiveWell2017 One of my greatest pleasures in life is riding my bicycle. I am so grateful to be physically able to ride and to live in a place where riding is safe and easy. Portland is a bicycle haven with over 350 miles of bikeways city-wide. Bicycling is relaxing and fun and … Continue reading Grateful for bicycles and bike-it lists!

5 Resources for bicycling mindfully

Day 56 of #LiveWell2017 I'm riding on my first group bike ride of 2017 today - a Biking about Architecture ride led by Jenny Fosmire. Bicycling is a big part of my life, so it makes sense that I should bike as mindfully as possible to get the most out of my rides and to … Continue reading 5 Resources for bicycling mindfully

A PDX SW Hills Adventure…

Today we took a bike ride down the East Esplanade to the Springwater Trail, over the Sellwood Bridge and up to the Oregon Public Broadcasting building on SW Macadam Avenue. After parking the bikes we headed uphill, hiking a portion of the “SW Trails 4” leg of the SW Trails system for the first time. … Continue reading A PDX SW Hills Adventure…

Spring Ride in Forest Park

A fine spring mountain bike ride in Portland's Forest Park...Leif Erickson Trail. Under a cool shady canopy dotted with spots of sunlight that warmed our backs and faces, the blackberries and maple trees blooming, and deciduous trees leafing out. Birds singing, hummingbirds flitting through. The recent rains made for wet trails and mud-splattered bikes and clothes … Continue reading Spring Ride in Forest Park