Living graciously

Day 173 of #LiveWell2017 The true meaning of grace is to connect deeply with what is around you - trees, flowers, air, water, and all living beings. When we are gracious, we are kind, compassionate, considerate, giving. We treat others - and nature - with respect. When I go to places like Neahkahnie Mountain, pictured … Continue reading Living graciously

Thankful for pain – really!

Day 61 of #LiveWell2017 There's nothing like a challenge - unexpected or planned - to provide the¬†perfect opportunity to practice centering, patience, mindfulness, and kindness. Whether it's climbing a mountain trail (like the one in the photo¬†at Mt. St. Helens) or overcoming pain from an injury or illness, every challenge is an opportunity, an opening, … Continue reading Thankful for pain – really!

When Life Throws a Curve Ball

Life can be unpredictable. We work hard to plan, prepare, manipulate, get ourselves in the right place at the right time, to make things happen when we want them to happen. When things are clipping along as planned, we feel good, and it lulls us into this sense of security and makes us feel like … Continue reading When Life Throws a Curve Ball