Give a hoot (for the environment)

Day 356 of #LiveWell2017 We're just 10 days away from 2018. It's hard to believe it's nearly time to turn the page on another calendar year. But, that means you still have 10 days to give that much needed end-of-year gift to a nonprofit charity of your choice. Today, I want to encourage you to … Continue reading Give a hoot (for the environment)

Give a shot

Day 338 of #LiveWell2017 Here's another unconventional way to give during December. One of out every five children worldwide lack access to life-saving vaccines. Every 20 seconds a child dies from a disease which could have been prevented with a proper vaccine. If you still need to get a flu shot or a pneumonia shot … Continue reading Give a shot

Give a mile

Day 337 of #LiveWell2017 Here is an unconventional way to give to people who have life-threatening illnesses or are receiving palliative care. It's giving their loved ones travel miles for "flights of compassion" so that the sick and dying can be visited by friends or family, often one last time. "Give A Mile is a … Continue reading Give a mile

Eat, drink, give

Day 137 of #LiveWell2017 Have a pint, change the world! Last night I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Oregon Public House in support of The Children's Book Bank. It was my first visit to the Oregon Public House (OPH), and now that I understand their story and have seen how they work, I … Continue reading Eat, drink, give

Click to give #generosity

Day 107 of #LiveWell2017 These days there is no easier way to give than by the click of a mouse or the touch of a finger to a screen. Giving can be automated through recurring donations to your favorite charity or made easy by the click of a "Take Action" button on an activist website. Here are … Continue reading Click to give #generosity

Give with your body

Day 103 of #LiveWell2017 One of the most fun ways to be generous is to run, walk, or bike for a cause. It's also a great way to stay in shape and to meet new people. The first time I participated in a charity run was in 2010 at the St. Petersburg Women's Half Marathon. Since then, … Continue reading Give with your body

Be generous: volunteer.

Day 14 of #LiveWell2017 One of the highlights of my week is going to the Children's Book Bank to sort gently used books that will eventually end up in the hands of kids who don't have many (if any) books to call their own. It's a simple job that takes just a few hours of … Continue reading Be generous: volunteer.