Leave love behind

Day 331 of #LiveWell2017 An old friend of mine passed away suddenly and unexpectedly the day before Thanksgiving. We were not real close these days, but we had worked and socialized together for a couple of decades back when I was first starting my career. We had kept in touch through social media and still … Continue reading Leave love behind

A little gratitude for all the moms

Day 134 of #LiveWell2017 Happy Mother's Day If you're lucky enough to have a mom, any kind of mom, today is the day to tell her how much you appreciate her. Just say thank you. If you want to know how I feel about being a mom, read this. For a glimpse of motherhood around the world, check … Continue reading A little gratitude for all the moms

Happy Earth Day

Day 112 of #LiveWell2017 We only have one Earth. Live well on it. Reduce your ecological footprint so that future generations of every species can enjoy life on this great planet. Here are some ideas that may help http://www.earthday.org/take-action/ Today's March for Science is another way to bring awareness to the importance of using science and reason … Continue reading Happy Earth Day

Be a champion for the planet

Day 29 of #Live Well2017 I spent yesterday with my fellow Oregon Master Naturalists (OMN). These dedicated, passionate people volunteer their time to organizations in their communities to improve public awareness of Oregon's natural resources through outdoor education, scientific research, and land stewardship. We are knowledgeable, skilled individuals committed to creating a sustainable future. We give our time … Continue reading Be a champion for the planet

Celebrating reverence for nature

I've always felt a kind of reverence for nature - a deep respect, love, and honor for its awesome beauty and the spiritual connection it provides for me. Thirty-two years ago my boss at Wildlife Camp in the mountains of N.C. used to talk to the campers about three R's of camp: respect, responsibility, and … Continue reading Celebrating reverence for nature