Share your story #WorldKindnessDay

Day 317 of #LiveWell2017          Today is #WorldKindnessDay Kindness matters. It spreads love and compassion, joy and surprise, help and hope. Everyone has at least one kindness story - some kind act they have done for someone or some thing or a kindness someone did for them. Let's share some kindness stories … Continue reading Share your story #WorldKindnessDay

Eat, drink, give

Day 137 of #LiveWell2017 Have a pint, change the world! Last night I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Oregon Public House in support of The Children's Book Bank. It was my first visit to the Oregon Public House (OPH), and now that I understand their story and have seen how they work, I … Continue reading Eat, drink, give

Eat plants and move a lot to #LiveWell

Day 111 of #LiveWell2017 I was sitting at my parents' kitchen table recently when my big brother asked, "How is it that you stay so thin"? We figured I got my dad's skinny genes - after all, dad is 87 and still tall and lanky. I'm not as thin as I used to be. Age has … Continue reading Eat plants and move a lot to #LiveWell

Thank your local farmer

Day 80 of #LiveWell2017 Today is National Agriculture Day, so I figured it was a good day to be thankful to all the hard-working farmers who provide food for us every single day. This is an easy thank for me. I love to eat. I love good food. I love fresh food. I appreciate the … Continue reading Thank your local farmer

Compliment the chef

Day 67 of #LiveWell2017 I hope most people have someone in their lives that is always there for them in every way. For me, that someone is my husband. One of the ways he shows me he loves me is by cooking amazing food for me every single day. I love to bake and make … Continue reading Compliment the chef

Cherish the chocolate

Day 37 of #LiveWell2017 Picture this: pop a morsel of sweet, dark chocolate in your mouth and then just let it melt, slowly turning from solid to liquid, covering your tongue with warm goodness and filling your mouth with happiness. For chocolate lovers, that's a sensual experience. A moment of pure joy - and mindfulness. … Continue reading Cherish the chocolate

The ripple effect of kindness

"No kind action ever stops with itself. One kind action leads to another. Good example is followed. A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees. The greatest work that kindness does to others is that it makes them kind themselves." ~ Amelia Earhart Day … Continue reading The ripple effect of kindness