Give laughter

Day 348 of #LiveWell2017 We've all heard it: "Laughter is the best medicine." Indeed, laughing releases all those feel-good chemicals and decreases stress hormones in our bodies. Laughing also increases immune cells, protects your heart, and even burns calories. So, yeah, it's pretty good medicine. So, what a great gift to give someone - a … Continue reading Give laughter

Give a hug

Day 342 of #LiveWell2017 I hesitated to post this idea, given the torrent of negative news about inappropriate touching, sexual harassment, and sexual assault lately. So, I offer this gift idea as an option for people who are comfortable giving and getting hugs. Appropriate, consensual, caring hugs can be very healing and comforting. I know. … Continue reading Give a hug

Give a smile

Day 341 of #LiveWell2017 It's one of the easiest, simplest, cheapest gifts you can give to anyone, and yet it is priceless. A simple smile can change someone's day. It makes you feel better, happier, and it shows the world the love you carry inside of you all the time. Today, give a smile - … Continue reading Give a smile

How to start your day

Day 328 of #LiveWell2017 How you start your day can impact everything you do for the rest of the day. If you wake up tired, in a bad mood, in pain, or your first thought is "do I have to get up?", then you know you are setting yourself up for that negative attitude to … Continue reading How to start your day

What will you leave behind?

Day 277 of #LiveWell2017 Tom Petty died Monday night. By Tuesday afternoon, my social media feeds were filled with tributes, memories, and snippets of his songs, videos, and stories. Every time a celebrity artist dies (and there have been too many these past few years), people always turn to their "body of work" to share … Continue reading What will you leave behind?

Follow the trail…

Day 275 of #LiveWell2017 Sometimes we feel lost. The key to happiness is to find ourselves - our authentic selves, our true consciousness. Then we can truly love, show compassion, and make the world a happier, more peaceful place. One of the best ways to find our true selves is to spend time in nature, … Continue reading Follow the trail…