Say YES!

Day 139 of #LiveWell2017 Last weekend at Wanderlust108, MC Yogi warmed us up for the 5K and, later, for the yoga session. During both warmups his positive attitude and enthusiasm were infectious. But the one thing he did that stuck with me most was a small, quiet gesture at the end of each of his sessions. … Continue reading Say YES!

Which road will you take?

Day 126 of #LiveWell2017 The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth; Then took the other, as just as … Continue reading Which road will you take?

Joy matters

Day 125 of #LiveWell2017 Happy Cinco de Mayo! We're running in the Cinco de Mayo 5K on Sunday, and today we picked up our race packets with bibs, T-shirts, and this really cool backpack pictured above. The run helps to raise money for the Children's Cancer Association, and their slogan is "We Prescribe Joy." Their goal … Continue reading Joy matters

Look for the good

Day 115 of #LiveWell2017 Anyone who pays attention to the daily news understands the phrase "if it bleeds, it leads." Whether morning, noon, or night, print or broadcast, news reports tend to be filled with bad news, horrible tragedies, sad outcomes. Only rarely do newscasts feature good news, and they are generally tacked on to the … Continue reading Look for the good

Be content

Day 114 of #LiveWell2017 Ever since I studied ecology back in college, I've understood that everything in our natural world is connected (one of Barry Commoner's four principles of ecology). What impacts one thing, impacts everything. We are certainly seeing the results of this as the impacts of climate change becomes more obvious and pronounced. I'm beginning to … Continue reading Be content

Find your happy place

Day 96 of #LiveWell2017 Have you ever heard someone say they are "going to their happy place"? It could mean that they are actually going to visit a physical place that makes them happy, or it could mean they are imagining a special place as a way to take their mind off of something less pleasant, like … Continue reading Find your happy place