Bloom where you are

Day 199 of #LiveWell2017 Last week while biking home, I passed this sunflower growing out of a storm drain. It was the second time in just a few weeks I'd noticed a plant growing in an odd place. It occurred to me that these were great metaphors for making the most of life, even when … Continue reading Bloom where you are

Stay alert #mindfulness

Day 197 of #LiveWell2017 I've  spent a lot of time in the woods and watching wildlife. Each species and every individual has its own definition of personal space. I've seen great blue herons fly away when I was still 500 yards away from them, but alligators that stayed put when I walked right by their … Continue reading Stay alert #mindfulness

Stop and smell the flowers

Day 194 of #LiveWell2017 While hiking yesterday, we came across several patches of avalanche lilies still in bloom. The nodding yellow and white flowers blanketed small sections of the forest floor. Each time I passed by a patch of them, I stopped and smiled. They are such pretty things, and they dance in the breeze. … Continue reading Stop and smell the flowers

May #LiveWell2017 recap

Day 151 of #LiveWell2017 This has been a roller coaster of a month and a test of my mindfulness practice in a lot of ways. There have been moments of great joy and great sorrow, all a part of this messy, beautiful life we live. The sunny, spring weather has made hiking and biking more frequent … Continue reading May #LiveWell2017 recap

Dust in the wind

Day 145 of #LiveWell2017 Impermanence. Nothing remains the same. Everything is dust in the wind. The long, cold, rainy winter is behind us. The spring plum and cherry blossoms are gone. A restless night is over. I look out at a tree and watch its leaves dance in the wind. Every second brings a new look, a … Continue reading Dust in the wind