Should I unsubscribe?

Day 159 of #LiveWell2017 Anyone who knows me knows I hate clutter. Whether it's physical (like too much stuff on the counter) or digital (like too much email), clutter makes me anxious. Clutter wastes my time and my mental energy. To me, part of living well means living an uncluttered life. So, when I find … Continue reading Should I unsubscribe?

Mindfulness progress

Day 58 of #LiveWell2017 It's been nearly two months since I began my personal #LiveWell2017 #CreateGoodness journey, focusing on being mindful, kind, generous, and grateful. I've noticed a subtle but meaningful shift in my ability to be present in the moment. I no longer have to consciously stop and breathe and refocus on the present. It comes … Continue reading Mindfulness progress