A Mother’s Wisdom

Happy Mother's Day I've been watching a lot of mothers lately. It's springtime and the songbirds and squirrels are busy building nests and preparing to raise their young ones. Moms are persistent taskmasters in their pursuit of motherhood. Recently, I watched in fascination as one momma titmouse repeatedly plucked fur from a sleeping raccoon's backside … Continue reading A Mother’s Wisdom

A little gratitude for all the moms

Day 134 of #LiveWell2017 Happy Mother's Day If you're lucky enough to have a mom, any kind of mom, today is the day to tell her how much you appreciate her. Just say thank you. If you want to know how I feel about being a mom, read this. For a glimpse of motherhood around the world, check … Continue reading A little gratitude for all the moms

For Moms (and their kids) Everywhere

In honor of all the good mothers, everywhere... This is to all the kids who've been lucky enough to have one... Who's a mother? Who's a mom? She bears the pain of bringing you into the world Then forgets it the moment she sees your tiny, sweet face. She feeds, diapers, bathes, and soothes you … Continue reading For Moms (and their kids) Everywhere