Mindfulness on the bike

Day 271 of #LiveWell2017 Photo by William Hook on Unsplash This morning, my Facebook feed told me that on this day in 2009, I posted an article right here on this blog entitled "Appreciating the Present." I re-read that article and was astounded at how much it sounded like something I might write today. You can read it … Continue reading Mindfulness on the bike

The value of daily practice

Day 266 of #LiveWell2017 When I was growing up and learning to play the piano or saxophone, learning steps to a dance, or even memorizing a poem in my high school English class, I remember so many adults saying to me, "practice makes perfect." Well, I don't believe there is such a thing as perfection, but … Continue reading The value of daily practice

Help others when they need help

Day 210 of #LiveWell2017 Day 5 of practicing Elementary School Rules... help others when they need help. The other day I mentioned a study about toddlers who automatically showed kindness when someone was in need. In that study, the toddlers, without prompting, did things like pick up a clothespin that someone else dropped, but they … Continue reading Help others when they need help

That ol’ Golden Rule…

Day 209 of #LiveWell2017 Day 4 of mindfully practicing Elementary School Rules...When I was growing up, we learned the golden rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Translated into elementary school lingo, it goes: Treat others the way you want to be treated. Think about that for a moment. How … Continue reading That ol’ Golden Rule…

Don’t hurt others on the inside or the outside

Day 208 of #LiveWell2017 Day 3 of practicing Elementary School Rules. This is an elementary school rule that touches my heart, but it's pretty broad and encompassing. There are a lot of lessons that can be squeezed out of this simple phrase, like what does it mean to hurt someone on the inside? How can … Continue reading Don’t hurt others on the inside or the outside

Stay alert #mindfulness

Day 197 of #LiveWell2017 I've  spent a lot of time in the woods and watching wildlife. Each species and every individual has its own definition of personal space. I've seen great blue herons fly away when I was still 500 yards away from them, but alligators that stayed put when I walked right by their … Continue reading Stay alert #mindfulness

May #LiveWell2017 recap

Day 151 of #LiveWell2017 This has been a roller coaster of a month and a test of my mindfulness practice in a lot of ways. There have been moments of great joy and great sorrow, all a part of this messy, beautiful life we live. The sunny, spring weather has made hiking and biking more frequent … Continue reading May #LiveWell2017 recap