Things you should notice

Day 329 of #LiveWell2017 During my morning routine today, I reached for a book I haven't read in many years, looking for a bit of inspiration. As I flipped through The Earth Speaks, the following passage by Robert Pirsig, author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, caught my attention: Mountains should be climbed … Continue reading Things you should notice

Letting go of fear

Day 286 of #LiveWell2017 Someone once told me "fear is a great source of power." I suppose it can motivate one to action, but my experience is that it has more of a paralyzing effect. When I am fearful, I tend to withdraw, to want to hide, to cover up my fear with sometimes inappropriate … Continue reading Letting go of fear

Bloom where you are

Day 199 of #LiveWell2017 Last week while biking home, I passed this sunflower growing out of a storm drain. It was the second time in just a few weeks I'd noticed a plant growing in an odd place. It occurred to me that these were great metaphors for making the most of life, even when … Continue reading Bloom where you are

Lose the phone

Day 142 of #LiveWell2017 I'm slowly working my way through Nancy Colier's book, The Power of Off. The first part of the book emphasizes our relationship with (i.e. our addiction to) technology and the second part lays out how that¬†affects our relationships with¬†others. So many of her examples could well be lifted right from the … Continue reading Lose the phone

On loss and letting go…

Day 135 of #LiveWell2017 Last week I lost something. My journal. The one I started on January 1st of this year and where I hatched my ideas for this blog and recorded quotes and notes from the many books I've read since then about meditation, mindfulness, kindness, and generosity. When I first realized it was … Continue reading On loss and letting go…