Become part of the silence

Day 167 of #LiveWell2017 Continuing with the gratitude theme this month, I want to be sure to share my gratitude for silence (and birds). This week we traveled to some remote wilderness areas. There, hiking among the high desert mountains, I was grateful for the complete absence of human sounds. In that silence, sitting in … Continue reading Become part of the silence

Be quiet…listen.

Day 22 of #LiveWell2017 quiet. Listen... No, wait. Really listen. Turn off the TV. Hide the cell phone. Stop talking. Stop doing. Unplug. Completely. Now, listen. Not just for 10 seconds, but for 10 minutes, 10 hours, 10 days. This is somethingĀ I'm working on a lot during 2017. It's a strategy I think could … Continue reading Be quiet…listen.