Tell me something good Update 8/23/2018: Google Assistant is now dishing up good news from Solutions Journalism Network when I ask it to tell me something good. So, give it a try 🙂 For a couple of years now, I have been saying (to myself and my husband) how much I wish I would hear more GOOD NEWS … Continue reading Tell me something good

My favorite meditation app

Day 153 of #LiveWell2017 Today, I am grateful for this little app called Insight Timer that has helped me stay on track with my meditation practice. It includes guided meditations and dharma talks that help me learn and give my practice some variety and inspiration. When I use it to meditate, I can see that there … Continue reading My favorite meditation app

Lose the phone

Day 142 of #LiveWell2017 I'm slowly working my way through Nancy Colier's book, The Power of Off. The first part of the book emphasizes our relationship with (i.e. our addiction to) technology and the second part lays out how that affects our relationships with others. So many of her examples could well be lifted right from the … Continue reading Lose the phone

Be quiet…listen.

Day 22 of #LiveWell2017 quiet. Listen... No, wait. Really listen. Turn off the TV. Hide the cell phone. Stop talking. Stop doing. Unplug. Completely. Now, listen. Not just for 10 seconds, but for 10 minutes, 10 hours, 10 days. This is something I'm working on a lot during 2017. It's a strategy I think could … Continue reading Be quiet…listen.

JuniorCamp SWFL Puts Kids in Spotlight

My last post was an introduction of sorts to JuniorCamp SWFL. Today is a re-cap of this historical event. At 9:30 AM Saturday January 30, 2010, 30 kids from six Lee County schools, ranging in age from 9-18, showed up at the first ever JuniorCamp at BarCamp SWFL to share what they knew about technology … Continue reading JuniorCamp SWFL Puts Kids in Spotlight

Making History with JuniorCamp SWFL

On Saturday, January 30, 2010, southwest Florida will play host to its first ever barcamp, and I have been given the unique opportunity and privilege to coordinate a parallel event for K-12 students - we're calling it JuniorCamp. As far as we can tell, this may be the very first barcamp for kids held in … Continue reading Making History with JuniorCamp SWFL

The importance of a Personal Learning Network

About a year ago I started on a personal journey toward Web 2.0 literacy in hopes that I could use what I learned to improve learning and library service for the students and teachers at my K-8 school. As the school's media specialist, I knew I was in a unique position to share information and … Continue reading The importance of a Personal Learning Network