Thanks for Sunday Parkways

Day 176 of #LiveWell2017 Sunday Parkways is a Portland tradition, and today is its 10th anniversary. Sunday Parkways are city-sponsored events where approximately eight miles of streets are closed to motor traffic for five hours so that pedestrains, bicyclists, skateboaders, and wheelchair riders can get out and enjoy the city streets and parks in a … Continue reading Thanks for Sunday Parkways

Appreciating rivers

Day 172 of #LiveWell2017 I feel very lucky to live where so many beautiful rivers run. One, in fact, flows through the middle of my city. Another, one which carried Lewis and Clark to the Pacific, borders the city's northern edge. Within an hours' drive from my home, I can walk along some of the … Continue reading Appreciating rivers

Happy Father’s Day

Day 169 of #LiveWell2017 To all the dads who love unconditionally, who give their hearts, who offer their wisdom, who protect and provide, who give their children space and time to be themselves, and hope they grow up happy and healthy. To all the dads who struggle, who sacrifice and fear for their children's future, … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day

Thank you to the passionate people

Day 168 of #LiveWell2017 Today I participated in a guided bike ride called Sharrows to Sparrows. It was a guided tour of local Neighborhood Greenways and natural areas in the city. Along the way our two leaders - Greg and Mike - shared their obvious passion for connecting people to place, for creating safe places … Continue reading Thank you to the passionate people

Be grateful for little surprises

Day 160 of #LiveWell2017 I've said it before, and I'll say it again: sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference! Yesterday, I was helping lead a volunteer work party to remove invasive plants from a local park. The volunteers had gathered around our pile of shovels and buckets and were listening to … Continue reading Be grateful for little surprises

Thank the forests

Day 158 of #LiveWell2017 Today's object of gratitude is an easy one. Yesterday we hiked up the challenging 2800-ft. ascent of Dog Mountain. Though we started early in the day when it was cooler, by the time we returned to our car mid-afternoon it was 86 degrees. The hike was made bearable by the shade … Continue reading Thank the forests

Thanks to great writers

Day 157 of #LiveWell2017 I love to read great writing. Great writing doesn't have to win awards or critical acclaim. For me, great writing connects me to a place, person, idea, or story and inspires me to act, captures my imagination, or makes me think deeply and differently. Great writing turns words into pictures, sentences into … Continue reading Thanks to great writers