Give with Tom’s One for OneĀ® program

Day 352 of #LiveWell2017 Yesterday I wrote about a buy a pair-give a pair campaign for giving eye glasses to those in need. This type of business model was first made famous by Tom's Shoes. For every pair of Tom's shoes you bought, they donated a pair to a person in need. Today, Tom's has … Continue reading Give with Tom’s One for OneĀ® program

Be the water…not the rock

Day 279 of #LiveWell2017 Long ago, I learned the phrase "be the water, not the rock." The lesson, of course, is for us humans to be like the water flowing down a stream, over and around the rocks, going with the flow, being fluid and flexible and adapting to what's happening, rather than being like … Continue reading Be the water…not the rock

Appreciating rivers

Day 172 of #LiveWell2017 I feel very lucky to live where so many beautiful rivers run. One, in fact, flows through the middle of my city. Another, one which carried Lewis and Clark to the Pacific, borders the city's northern edge. Within an hours' drive from my home, I can walk along some of the … Continue reading Appreciating rivers